Product List

We are pleased to offer a wide range of products. St. Boniface Pallet is a full service pallet, crate and wood company and every day we build, repair, restore, reuse and recycle wood pallets, boxes and crates for use in both high volume automated packaging systems and low volume one time shipments. We do it all.


St. Boniface Pallet has evolved a great deal since our inception in 1993, when our product line was limited to recycled pallets. Today our pallets are available in a variety of wood species and new and recycled plastics.

IPPC ISPM-15 Heat Treated Products

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is an international treaty which is focused on protecting plants and plant products by minimizing the spread of potential pests and diseases. Wood packaging materials (pallets, boxes, crates etc) are regulated materials under ISPM-15 rules. The staff at St. Boniface Pallet are well versed in these regulations and can ensure that your shipment meets all specifications.

Boxes and Crates

Proper boxing and crating can provide unparalleled protection for your product. St. Boniface Pallet offers top quality crates that provide easier handling, storage and transportation. Our boxes and crates support protection from the elements, theft and physical damage.

Ground Wood Fibre

We take pride in recycling and reusing any and all of our wood products. Enviro-Mulch coloured wood chips, animal bedding, boiler fuel feed stock, and playground wood chips are only a few products that come from recycled pallets, boxes and crates. With so many pallets in production and rotation, we consider recycling these products into new and valuable mulch our environmental obligation.

Cut To Length Lumber

We purchase a large volume of wood as materials for many of our products, so we are pleased to offer customers pre cut lumber to accommodate their own packaging solutions.