What is a pallet?

Pallets are portable, horizontal, rigid, composite platforms used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking and transporting as a unit load, often equipped with a superstructure. The primary purpose of pallets is to transport goods in a stable fashion, usually by forklift, pallet jack, and front loader.

Spruce, pine and fir are typically used to build new, heat treated wood pallets and in other applications where low moisture content, sanitization and weight is important. Various wood species can be used to create pallets, it all depends on your unique circumstances. Similarly, pallets are available in new and recycled plastics. St. Boniface is also proud to be a member of the Canadian Pallet Council and is pleased to offer CPC members the opportunity to rent or purchase CPC pallets.

Our Pallet Products:
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Why use pallets?

Simply put, pallets make it easier to move heavy stacks. Moving stacks of pallets can cut down on handling and storage costs since transport efficiency is improved. Moving goods around a warehouse is much easier if they are contained in stacks of pallets.

Are pallets reusable?

Billions of pallets are used annually in North America, and unfortunately, many end up in landfills. However, pallets are highly reusable and recyclable. In fact, most reused pallets are indistinguishable from new pallets. St. Boniface Pallet takes pride in reusing and recycling every part of the pallet, including any scrap metal and nails that may be embedded in the wood. We stock a large inventory of reworked pallets that are available for immediate delivery.Wood Shavings & Fiber for Animal and Horse Bedding