Biomass Boiler Fuel

Wood Chipper

Biomass, a clean & renewable fuel source

Biomass is a renewable and sustainable fuel source developed from leftover organic materials such as wood chips, scrap lumber, some crops, manure and mill residuals. These abundant materials used to create biomass are otherwise often dumped in landfills or burned, which is why biomass is so economically and environmentally friendly. Biomass eventually becomes carbon-neutral fuel for wood-fueled boiler systems. 

Natural wood chips as biomass boiler fuel

Ground to a consistency that is perfect for wood-fueled boiler systems, our woodchips have helped numerous companies switch from coal, natural gas and electricity to a wood-based heating system. At close to 8000 btu and only 12% moisture content, biomass fuel is one of our best kept environmental secrets as it burns clean and per btu is a fraction of the cost of natural gas. Wood waste is one of the most common sources of biomass since it is so abundant in Canada. 

Switching to biomass

Many organizations have adopted wood-fueled boiler system because of the many economic and environmental benefits:

  • With proper forestry practices, biomass fuel for wood-fueled boilers can be sustained indefinitely, making biomass a low cost energy solution for Canadian companies.
  • Since biomass by nature uses scrap organic waste from other processes, it's an environmentally-friendly recycled fuel source.
  • Biomass is a safe, renewable alternative to using fossil fuels. When more biomass fuel is used, there is a net reduction in harmful green gas emissions.
  • Biomass energy is cheaper than electric, coal or oil heating systems.
  • Switching to biomass can reduce your C02 emissions by up to 90%. 
  • According to the Canadian Bioenergy Association, at current levels Canadian forests contain about 69 years of fossil fuel use. Switching to biomass would prolong the life of our forests and Canadian landscape. 

The renewability, abundance and economic savings associated with biomass have made it Canada's second largest source of renewable energy after hydroelectricity.

Getting started with biomass boiler systems

Biomass, in the form of wood waste, is used to heat a boiler system. On a large scale, the biomass product is held in a holding tank where it is transported by conveyor to the boiler at a pre-determined rate. Advanced computer systems keep the pressure and temperature stable, meaning the operator must simply monitor a computer, and not the delivery of fuel to the boiler. Fully automated, highly efficient boiler systems are available from local boiler supplier.

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