Enviro Mulch - Eco-Friendly Wood Mulch

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Canadian Women's Open decorated with Enviro-Mulch

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Use Enviro-Mulch brand coloured landscape mulch to enhance your landscape project allowing you to bring exciting new dimensions of colour and creativity to your yard and garden.

An environmentally friendly landscaping product made from wood chips it will enhance the beauty of any property. Used in both commercial and residential locations, the array of available colours makes it suitable for any landscaping project.

Why Coloured Wood Mulch?

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Available in distinctive colours, Enviro-Mulch is attractive, decorative and low maintainance.


Enviro-Mulch is organic and slowly bio-degrades to become rich topsoil. Plants, shrubs and trees thrive as the mulch provides a nutrient rich meal and reduces the need for watering.

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Colour Fast

Enviro-Mulch retains it's colour longer than shredded bark and light raking refreshes it's appearance.


A natural wood product with iron-oxide water based colourant. Produced using clean recycled wood, Enviro-Mulch is safe for the environment and all plants and animals.

Weed Control

Enviro-Mulch naturally suppresses weed growth, reducing the need for chemical weed control.

Easy Application

Landscape mulching can be done at any time and anyone can do it.

Mulching for weed suppression and moisture retention is best done before the late Spring growing season. A Fall application will provide protective covering for bulbs and perennials.

Enviro-Mulch is formulated for use around ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Plant first, then spread mulch and avoid piling near the base of trees and shrubs.

Apply at a depth of 2 to 4 inches. Use less mulch for heavy clay soils and more for lighter sandy soils.

Enviro-Mulch is used outside of the garden as well, such as for walking paths - as a very fine grind wood fiber without the colourant - and as animal bedding, with or without colour.

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