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IPPC ISPM-15 Heat Treat requirements at the US/Canada border - St. Boniface Pallet Company

Winnipeg Pallet Supplier and Recycler

No change to the status of the ISPM-15 bilateral agreement on wood packaging moving between Canada and the U.S has been announced. We continue to monitor these regulatory affairs and will advise our customers accordingly if and when any changes are to occur.

You may have been informed via your customs broker or trade association that there have been changes made to the regulations regarding wood and lumber products being shipped into the United States from Canada. And that these regulations could affect the type of pallets, crates, boxes and dunnage you are currently using to protect and transport your goods.

The current rules are a continuation of the IPPC ISPM-15 regulations that were implemented in Canada in 2004 and have, since then, applied to exports around the world. However, within those rules, there is a bilateral agreement between the US and Canada that allows for non-compliant ISPM-15 products to flow back and forth between the two countries. That does NOT mean that all non-compliant products can move back and forth freely as there are specific circumstances in which this is allowed. Some of our customers who ship to a variety of countries have decided to simply use ISPM-15 Heat Treat certified products for everything they do to simplify their internal management processes.

St. Boniface Pallet Company is well versed in this subject and continues to provide our customer base in Winnipeg, Manitoba with both recycled and new pallets, boxes and crates in both fully compliant IPPC ISPM-15 and non-compliant ISPM-15 products, all dependent upon their specific needs and circumstances.

We welcome the opportunity to review your specific requirements as needed.

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