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IPPC ISPM-15 Heat Treat requirements at the US/Canada border - St. Boniface Pallet Company

Winnipeg Pallet Supplier and Recycler

Updated June, 2015

Dear valued clients,

You may have already been informed via your customs broker or trade associations that there are changes coming to the regulations regarding wood and lumber products being shipped into the United States. These regulations may have an effect on the type of pallets, crates and dunnage you are currently using. We continue to provide our customer base in Winnipeg, Manitoba with both recycled and new pallets in non HT and full IPPC HT compliance.

The regulations being put in place are a continuation of the IPPC ISPM-15 regulations that were implemented in Canada in 2004 and have since then applied to exports to virtually all countries other than the US. The bilateral agreement between the US and Canada which allowed for non-compliant ISPM-15 products to flow back and forth between the two countries was expected to end at some point, which would result in the need for ISPM-15 compliant products at the US border.

No new timelines have been announced as to the status of the ISPM-15 bilateral agreement on wood packaging moving between Canada and the U.S. We continue to monitor these regulatory affairs and will advise our customers accordingly if and when any changes occur.

St. Boniface Pallet has been fully certified to provide its customers with IPPC ISPM-15 products since the initial international phase-in of 2004. As a result we have a substantial portion of our customers currently using an approved ISPM-15 pallet/crate or shipping platform. We would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements to ensure that by the time the phase-in period begins we are providing you with products that meet the IPPC ISPM-15 rules.

And as always please contact us if you have any questions.


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